Face Sculpture Series

The new Face sculpture series serves as a symbolic and very real exploration of my brother’s journey.

He suffers from mental health disorders and has a very vibrant, colourful yet ever changing personality.

Initially, when creating the first sculpture I thought to design it with the eyes closed - representing my brother’s own lack of eye contact.

I believed that by closing his eyes he was hiding the magnitude of his suffering and overwhelming nature of his feelings thus perhaps removing eyes from the sculpture completely would be a more accurate representation of his mental state.

Furthermore if our eyes are the true windows to our souls - if we remove them, what is left?

This question is one I believe can never truly be answered. Perhaps it is rhetorical, but it is a question that guided my process in creating the sculptures. 

The very subject matter of the series is naturally extremely personal and although at times painful,

it continues to inspire my artistic practice. 

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