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States Of Mind Series

Ronaldo’s ‘States of Mind’ series began as a symbolic and very real exploration of his brother’s journey with mental health. He has a vibrant and colourful yet ever changing personality which comes with its own struggles at times.  Like many around the world, he has periods of feeling low and depressed.

In his experimentation phase for this project, Ronaldo began by thinking about how as individuals, each of us go through different states of mind throughout the day with ever changing emotions. Our moods can change without much notice just as much as someone struggling with mental health disorders. The facial sculptures display the embodiment of human feeling with the various glaze styles reflecting those different emotions and moods experienced with texture and colour.

When creating the very first facial sculpture Ronaldo removed the eyes from the sculpture completely, as this felt like a more accurate representation of his brother’s struggle with human connection.  


If our eyes are the true windows to our soul, remove them, and what is left? 


This question is one Ronaldo believes can never truly be answered. For people like his brother, for whom eye contact and connection is such a struggle, can one ever really know him.

The subject matter of this series is naturally very personal and although at times painful it continues to   inspire his artwork.

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Heads Group.jpg
White stone
State of mind - Untitled
Two Face
State of mind - Untitled
State of mind - Untitled
Third 'I'
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