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Earth Tones Vase Series

Ronaldo's Earth Tones Formations series, is a contemplative exploration deeply rooted in the ancient echoes of Egypt.


Drawing inspiration from the profound symbolism of the four Canopic jars employed in the sacred ritual of mummification,


Ronaldo seamlessly intertwines this ancient practice with modern artistic expression.

Delving into the essence of the Canopic jars, each now transformed into a vase adorned with intricate necks, Ronaldo embarks on a journey of meticulous craftsmanship. A profound introspection guides him through the nuances of design, as he delves into the realm of textured finishes and diverse glazes, elevating each piece to a realm of aesthetic sophistication.

Ronaldo's artistic musings take flight as he contemplates the varied textures emerging from the interplay of glazing techniques and the raw, untouched clay. In a stroke of creative brilliance, he employs a serrated kidney to etch delicate ring markings, casting a mesmerizing spotlight on the inherent beauty of the formations.

The quest for unique glazes leads Ronaldo to the untamed landscapes of Barbados' east coast, a region enveloped by raw clay and untainted earth. Here, the artist seeks inspiration for his palette, infusing the pieces with volcanic glazes that mirror the diverse tones and textures of the surrounding terrain. Each formation becomes a canvas, showcasing the artist's mastery in manipulating glazes with varying consistency and style, effectively capturing the essence of the landscape.

In Earth Tones Formations, Ronaldo masterfully intertwines ancient Egyptian symbolism, contemporary design, and the raw beauty of Barbados' east coast, offering a visually striking and conceptually rich exploration of the interplay between art and the elements.

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